Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another day, another leg!

Spence nabbed #27 today. I initially thought that his Excellent run was ugly, but it was good enough to get 4th place. Our downfall was the offset figure 8, with food in a bowl on one side, and a toy on another. He was a bit of stinker on that one - I had to call him off the food, and then off the toy, and then off the food again! The rest of the run was pretty clean other than a crooked sit and a couple of bumps.

On the Advanced run, that same figure 8 was in there, but I got his attention as we went into it, and he stayed right with me. I left before ribbons, but we were in a three way tie for 4th place, and since neither one of us are speed demons, I doubt we finished in the ribbons.

OK - I will never be a rally judge (never say never??) but if I ever was one, I would never (really, never) put a stationary sign as the first exercise - they are so demoralizing. All four runs this weekend had either had stationary signs as the first, or my personal least favorite sign, back up three steps. Judges! Start the course with something where the dog and handler can connect and work together! My personal favorite first sign is the serpentine weave. Forward movement, moving together through the cones.

Next up for us is Louisville. Rally on Thursday and Saturday, Graduate Novice on Friday and Sunday. If we work hard and the planets align, we will only need one leg of each to title at the Specialty, but we'll sign up for both days just for insurance!


penni said...

Sometime "perfect" is a little elusive -- it sounds like you and Spencer were close enough though. Congratulations.

Dawn said...

Awesome job. Our personal favorite depends on perspective. For Magic its the first station jump, you could almost see his brain explode into AGILITY thoughts. For me not so much favorite. It sounds like you have a good plan for obedience, we wish you great success.

Holly said...