Friday, February 19, 2010

Fortunate Timing

The day before they left for NYC, Cheryl started to give Scout her pre-
show bath and groaned when looked down and saw her hands covered in
wet, shedding fur.

Monday she worried about grooming her too much, afraid that more hair
would come out. When Scout blows coat, she changes from a rich red to
apricot, but you can tell from the pictures, she still looked great
for the show.

It's probably just as well that she didn't have to go back into the
ring Monday night, because in those hours on the bench, she massively
blew coat.

Sitting in my lap tonight she is still losing hair. I'll start bathing
and conditioning her everyday to get the dead coat out and hopefully
have some back for Loiusville and the specialty.


Taryn said...

I guess if you had to choose, having a perfect coat at Westminster was more important, especially considering the amazing outcome!

Sharrie said...

I haven't experienced the Cardi blow yet, just collies. Ahhh....the things I have to look forward to. Thanks for the running commentary about your trip to NYC. Congrats on the show!

Lybertygirl said...

Guess your daily activty for the next week is - Wash, Wash, Wash, Brush, Brush, Brush.

RegentCardis said...

I am glad she waited until after the cardis showed before blowing coat. :)