Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday at WKC

Here's a view of breed judging today. We are waiting to see Cheryl
show her Brittany in Ring 1.

It's a different experience being here today as just a spectator. We
have parked ourselves in great seats and are enjoying people and dog

We slept in this morning and watched the replay of last night's
judging. Scout is very contentedly sacked out in her crate in the
hotel room; she was one tired girl after the long day yesterday.

She was a good ambassador for the breed yesterday, and made alot of
new friends. I learned a little from last year and took a smaller
crate so that I could rob a little room and sit in front of her on the
bench when I got tired of standing.

What I didn't expect was that when I sat down that she would curl up
on my shoulder like she did in the picture I posted last night. We
spent a good bit of the afternoon like that, and must have had our
pictures shot a hundred times, including video by the NBC affiliate.
When I think back on our trip here, remembering how my girl wrapped
around my neck will be every bit as sweet as watching her perform in
the ring, if not more so.


penni said...

Spectate for all of us -- envy . . .

Claire said...

I think that there's a picture of Cheryl and her Brittany on the WKC website in the Benching Gallery section.

Kathy said...

Janet I watched the video on WKC website and she was beautiful.

Kodi said...

I echo Kathy - she looked awesome in the video! It was really nice to see a dog of her color get some special recognition. Thanks for getting her there - you both deserve high praise.

Kodi said...

P.S. - that pic of you and her on the bench is priceless! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to team Scout!