Sunday, March 21, 2010

Let's go home!

From now on, we will call Louisville "Poo E Ville." Even the hoomans succumbed to bugs!

Spencer made his Graduate Novice debut today. He had Q going right up until the last exercise - but he walked over the broad jump. It was a good learning experience for me - the rules say that the dog must be at least 8 feet from the jump, and that is where the judge draws a line for the exhibitor. I left Spencer at the line but what I should have done was put him another four feet or so back. Spence has a bum knee and he really only pushes off his good knee. If I gave him a bit more room, I hope having more running room would help him get over.

Glad I signed him up for a show in a couple of weeks!


Red Dog Mom said...

It's the Cursed Show! I had an agility trial like that in New England. The first year, there was a snowstorm and I couldn't get out of RI to get to the trial in MA. The 2nd year, the footing was so bad it was like running in 10" of wet snow, and the third year I became ill the night before the trial and couldn't go. I didn't bother sending my money to the club/trial after that.

Dawn said...

I sure hope you are all recoving quickly from the weekend. Other than the broad jump though it all went well, so that is good!

Jenna Z said...

It's always the handler, isn't it?? On our grad novice debut, Sully was wonderful on EVERYTHING and I thought we had it in the bag. Except that I had given a second command after his drop on recall because he just sort of sat there thinking. I thought it would be mucho points off but no, it's an NQ. I should have let him think for 5 more seconds and he would have gotten up and come, I'm sure of it! Hindsight, 20/20.