Friday, March 19, 2010

Louisville is just not our town

Last year and the year before, Scout became very ill here and missed
showing with nasty intestinal goings-on. So this year Cheryl brought
water from home for her, and I brought some also.

When Spencer and I got to the hotel Wednesday night (Scout rode up
with Cheryl) I did not take the jug up to the room - I just didn't
think about it. So, Spencer drank hotel water.

About 2 am this morning, Spencer jumped up and told me as clearly as
he could, " I GOTTA GO NOW!"

He had another bout this morning, and then, unfortunately again in the
obedience ring. Right in the middle of what was looking to be a
beautiful heeling pattern.

So now he is hopefully sleeping it off and we will try again on Sunday.


penni said...

So you are telling us "Don't drink the water." Poor Spence (and poor you as well). I hope tomorrow will be a better day.

Jules said...

Oh no, poor Spencer. If you haven't already given him something you might try 3 30c of arsenicum album (you can get it at a Whole Foods). I usually have it with me at shows for this reason. You re-dose if he goes again. I hope he feels better tomorrow.

Dawn said...

Poor pupper. Hope he is feeling better soon.

Claire said...

Poor little cardi dude. Hope he feels better soon!

dreameyce said...

OH NO!! Poor boy :( Upsets tummies are never fun... but esp not in the ring :(

I'm sorry!! Better luck tomorrow I hope!

Sarah said...

Oh shoot, I left a comment asking about SCOUT and the water earlier today, but didn't know Louisville water also disagrees with Spencer. Poor baby. Hope he feels better soon. :-(