Thursday, March 18, 2010

QQ #28!

With scores of 95 and 97!

Tomorrow and Sunday we give Graduate Novice a try and do Rally again
on Saturday.

We are at the huge Kentuckiana Cluster in Louisville. Big cardi
entries everyday. Fun show - lots of shopping, agility to watch.


Taryn said...

WOW! That Spencer surely knows his Rally! What a good boy! Congrats!

Jeri said...

Way to go Spence!!

See you tonite.

penni said...

Such a good dog -- and he thinks he's having fun to boot. Congratulations.

Claire said...


Lani said...

Do I sense a couple of title ribbons coming Spencer's way at the Specialty?

Sarah said...

Congratulations Spencer! What a good boy!

Now for the important question... Did you pack water from home for Scout this year???