Saturday, August 16, 2008


Has this been a particularly bad shedding summer for anybody besides Spencer? I think he sheds off another dog every week!

Spencer is a 24/7/365 shedder, unlike Scout, who just sheds when she is about a month away from going into season. I have been calling him Pigpen lately - everytime he gets up, he leaves a pool of shed fur around him.

I brush him, rake him, furminate him, bathe him, and it still doesn't stop. To look at him, you can't even tell that he is missing any coat. If Scout lost half this much, she would be completely nekkid! Why is it that the non-conformation dog is always in coat??

Speaking of bathing, I am so lucky hat Hot Dawg DIY Dogwash has opened literally right around the corner. It's great - elevated tubs, hydraulic tables, strong dryers - for $12 they provide the shampoo and towels and all that corgi hair goes down their drain and not mine. If anyone is coming to Chattanooga shows next month, you might want to think about bathing dogs there. They are open until 8:00 and if you check their website, they usually have coupons for free baths.


Dawn said...

You want to see naked go look at Grace's picture at the blog. And hers is actually starting to come back from where she was. If you click on it you can get the enlargement.

How is Ms Scout doing?

Jeri said...

OMDog yes it has been horrible this year. And they're doing it at separate times! One, then the other, then the other... Argh. Brady is a year-round shedder too and he's in fine form. Lizzie is now contributing a good half of her substance to the piles. I am agog at the piles of hair I have pulled off of her in the past 2 weeks (and I'm immensely glad that my sacrifices at the altars of the hair gods let her keep that coat intact through Houston!). Even having Cardis for 10 years now, I have never pulled his much hair off a dog in a single shed season before. She looks like a RAGAMUFFIN.