Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Girl

I'm glad she's getting some time to run and play. She did not show last week, as Cheryl went to a show that was either just Brittanys or just sporting dogs - not sure which. But I do hear that Scout enjoyed the birds at the hunt test.

This weekend she shows in Fitchburg, MA. The breed judges both days (who are also the group judges on alternate days) have both given her BOB in the past, so we're keeping our fingers crossed.

After that, she heads back south to Atlanta. I will miss the Friday and Saturday shows as we are going to Memphis for Avery's birthday. I'm headed back this way right after the party, and will be in Atlanta on Sunday to see her show to Lester Mapes.

And then I will get my little red alarm clock back home with me! No more sleeping in for Spencer and me!

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Shades of Gray said...

Good luck this weekend. Keep us posted. :o)