Friday, August 1, 2008

More Dog Art

A few weeks ago, our local children's museum was having a party for Clifford the big red dog. I really know anything about Clifford or why he deserved a party, but we went anyway because it was an opportunity to hang out on a Saturday morning, bob for hotdogs (Scout and I skipped that but Spencer made a pig of himself) and get a free drawing by a local artist. I kinda like it.
Scout is in Canfield, OH this weekend. Yesterday she was BOS. Cheryl said she showed well except for the fact that the grass in the ring was really high and Scout kept trying to jump over it. I'm not surprised - she has only shown on grass a couple of times and never under the conditions Cheryl describes.
I have not heard from her today, which I take as a sign that we didn't do anything.


RegentCardis said...
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RegentCardis said...

Ignore my first post. I hit a wrong button.

RegentCardis said...

I was trying to post this. I love pen & ink drawings. I totally love that painting! Wish that artist would show up around here. I would drag my whole herd to him./her. You have some really nice artwork of your cardis. I love the pieces from Mike McCartney too. :o)