Saturday, June 27, 2009

Corgi Kitsch on Ebay

Sipping on coffee this morning, I wandered over to eBay to see what kind of cardigan doodads were for sale today. This caught my eye:

Aww, a red salt shaker and a sable pepper shaker.

Further down the page I saw a red and blue merle set:

Hey, I wonder if there is a brindle and red set? So, I went to the seller's store site, and hey, look, there's a brindle and red:
But wait! Oh no! The red is a pem!

OOPS! And the brindle is a pem too!

They've even got one of those rare blue merle pems as well.


Lybertygirl said...

Too Funny - a bule merle very accurate of them!

penni said...

I think the "crafters" often do no research. They see that Cardigan people will buy all things Cardigan and they want to cash in on the craziness. They don't even know there are two separate breeds. I always laugh when the descriptor says "Welsh Corgi Prmbroke Cardigan. That said, sometimes there are really neat things on ebay -- like Nicole Fish'e water colors!

Jeri said...

Haha! Those are cute though, did you find the right pair?

Baledwr said...

ROFL...and I was thinking before that one that the heads were good...