Sunday, June 28, 2009

Update on Cardi S&P Shakers

I emailed the seller yesterday, asking her if she had a set with a red and a brindle cardigan (and tried to gently point out she might have trouble selling the brindle and merle pems.) Just in case anyone is interested, here is her response:


Thank you for your question

Of course, I have a set of shakers with red cardigan and brindle cardigan because I can paint every color of cardigan corgi.

You can buy this set of cardigan and I will send you a set of shakers with red cardigan and brindle cardigan to you.

Please leave a note when you check out that what color of cardigan that you want.

Thanks and Regards


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penni said...

There is an eBay seller somewhere in your neck of the woods who does little sculptures of cardis on their backs, waving their feet in the air. I asked if she could paint a tri w/brindle points (I'l already bought a brindle and a red/white to resemble 2/3 of my cardi crew). She said yes, and that she would post it on eBay when it was done so I could bid on it. What she listed was not a brindle-pointed tri, so I sent her a photo and then she got it!

If you're thinking you want the salt and pepper shakers, I'd send a photo of the dogs they are supposed to resemble.

Can't wait to see the finished pieces!