Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday in NC

OK - things were not as bad as feared here. The building at the show site has large garage doors at each end and ceiling fans. We stayed through BIS and it was really pretty pleasant.

I'll post some pictures when I get home. It is really beautiful here. If you are familiar with the book\movie "Cold Mountain," the story is set here and the movie was filmed here.

Our motel sits high on a ridge looking out across a lovely valley. Yesterday evening, Cheryl and sat out on gliders they have out on the lawn here.

The rooms have balconies overlooking the valley as well. When I checked in Friday nightn the room was hot so I opened the sliding glass door and went out. A few minutes later, I noticed Spence was nowhere to be found. Then I saw that the dividers between rooms on the balcony stopped about a foot from the floor. Spncer had gone a-visiting.

Luckily he was lured back quickly with the promise of dinner. Of course all weekend he stayed close the door hoping to sneak out again.

We don't show until about 2:00 this afternoon, so we have been enjoying a lazy day today.
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