Monday, June 8, 2009

It's a beautiful day in Southern Maine

The big LLBean boot is in Freeport Maine, home of LL himself. My company is co-hq'd in Chattanooga and Portland, ME and I am working out of this office for a few days this week. As usual, my first stop is to go see what's new at Bean. They have quite a complex up here - several stores, lots of neat things to see.

After shopping yesterday, I parked myself on a park bench to wait on my co-workers/shoppers. While I was sitting there, I had a phone call from my brother - he had just talked to Mom and found out I was up here. He called to tell me that my nephew Neil, his wife and girls and his wife's family are all up here vacationing. Thinking now I will scoot out early tomorrow afternoon and go spend some time with them.

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Lani said...

I love it when business trips can be fun, too. I rarely have luck that way. Enjoy Maine and the wonderful LLBean shopping!