Monday, August 3, 2009

Can't think of a thing to post

Last week was my quarterly hell week. The last week of the first month of the quarter is always a hugely busy work week for me. So last week was a bunch of 12 hour workdays, come home, eat, sleep and go back and do it again. (Guess what falls during the last week of the first month of second quarter 2010?? The CWCCA National Specialty - yall have fun without me. Bummer.)

The weekend was pretty lazy - nothing all that exciting to write about. Miss Scout had a couple of nice wins in Salem, VA, but I was not there to see them, so not as much fun, and I am missing the little butterbean.

I did go to the movies - "Funny People." I knew it was a Judd Apatow movie with his usual suspects - but what I didn't know and was not prepared for - it's a drama, not a comedy like we have come to expect. And is it just me, or was does Seth Rogen look odd after losing weight?

So, just trying to come up with something to post - here's a stupid pet trick: Spencer drooling on the sofa until he gets the magic word.


Taryn said...

Oh, no! You can't miss the 2010 National! I was looking forward to seeing you there. Your office is just going to have to let you take vacation, that' all there is to it!

penni said...

Darned day jobs -- I miss so much "stuff" because I'm the Lone Ranger and can't just say to a staff of thousands, "cover everything." There's nothing wrong with a lazy weekend though. It gives you time to annoy your dog.

Kaye said...

What a good boy!! I'm the opposite of having too much free time right now as July/August is too hot to plant anything.