Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The pack is back

Scout came home last night from a short little road trip with all kinds of gifts for me. All of this came from the supported Greensboro shows, where Scout was BOS three days and BOB 2 days. The organizers (I believe headed up by Robin Honeycutt and Debbie Campbell) obviously did a great job in coordinating lovely prizes. I love all the pottery.

One basket had a fairy theme. We now have our own magical fairy wand and a small vial of fairy dust, which we will be using to cast spells on all those judges who need a little help.

And here is my favorite gift - the reunion breakfast:


Holly said...

What beautiful loot Scout brought back to you! And such nice manners too.

Kaye said...

You know what I can make Groovy sit, lie down before I put the food bowl down, but I cannot get him to stop barking at me at dinnertime--drives me crazy!!!

penni said...

Ahhh. Peace in the valley. Isnt' it nice to have them both home where they belong. All the goodies are just icing.

Lani said...

Well done, Scout! It's always good to bring home fun things for your mother.

I have to say that I'm amazed that the 2 of them eat right next to each other. We used to feed Denzil & Maggie near each other, until Denz started to pee by Maggie's bowl after both of them were done. Boys!