Friday, August 21, 2009

Good old Yankee ingenuity

Or, what to do when your dog dryer blows up.

This evening Cheryl and I sat around the showsite telling tales. She was telling me about how when she was showing Jojo at Crufts a few years ago, her dryer caught fire. She was not grooming at the showsite; she was grooming at the inn where she was staying in a small village near Birmingham where the show is held.

She walked down to the local hardware store and told them she needed something that blew forced air. The owner of the shop thought about it a minute, then said he thought he knew something that might work. He went to the back room and brought back a leaf blower with a broken nozzle (or whatever you call the business end of a leaf blower.)

Cheryl took the leaf blower and a roll of duct tape, then went back and taped the hose from her dryer to the leaf blower, and voilĂ  - she had a dog dryer!

Just thought I would pass along just in case!

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