Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mornings in the puppy pen

Things start out pretty orderly:
Then order starts to deteriorate:
Mom steps in to referee and clean up:

Then I try to clean up a bit too - a clean pad and freshly laundered sock monkey bed comes back.

Then we have a little playtime:

And they finally crash into a puppy pile:


Elizabeth Keene said...

I know keeping up with them has to be an enormous amount of work, but I can't imagine anything more precious to experience first hand. (Especially knowing that they'll get to leave for wonderful forever homes.) So sweet!

Builder Mama said...

Susan is a talky little thing! I love Tommy's big boy bark. Rufus keeps coming to my side and wagging his tail. They have changed so much in a week - all so cute and happy!

Jeri said...

Must. Come. Up. And. Visit. I need puppy breath!

Sherilyn said...

Looks about like the chaos at our house right now, too...but we're enjoying watching them grow and change daily. Such a stress reliever to watch and laugh. :) Enjoy! We'll have to get the ones we both keep together at Nationals and let them play.

penni said...

I am counting the days until I get to squeeze the grandpups -- darling, fat little rascals!