Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Ocho is a month old today!

Happy Birthday Babies! For your birthday, you got a bigger litter box!

Now let's use it!  Some like the little grassy pee spot too.  However, I found that the favorite spot seemed to be the the blue pads that I was really putting down for them sleep on.  Since they don't seem to mind sleeping on the floor or on sock monkey, I decided that maybe if I didn't put a pad in, they might be more encouraged to use the litter - we'll see.
We all love the sock monkey bed.  The combined weight of the puppies is very close to what Scout weighs now.  The puppies eat non-mom food twice a day, but she seems to still be nursing a few times a day.  She is eating like crazy now and not gaining any weight, so I guess she is still busy making milk.


Builder Mama said...

I noticed a few of them like to sleep on the grassy pee spot too. ;-)

Yesterday afternoon, everyone was sleeping except Nick. He tried rousting someone to play and ended up giving up and wriggling around on his back and biting his own paws. It was so freaking cute!

Crazy Cardiness said...

My how time flies! They are so cute, much more cuteness to come though:-))

Anonymous said...

We are a week ahead of you. Our babies spent the 1st night without Mom having access to the pen (I fell asleep and didn't open the door after I gave them their food) they did fine and didn't even wake me up earlier than normal. Lindy is going to be very sad when the gravy train goes back to normal in a week or so. Good luck with the box. I call my gang the poopies and there are only 1/2 as many.

RegentCardis said...

Happy 1 month birthday sweet babies. :)