Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday in the Puppy Pen

The pups are being too much fun! Yesterday, the intrepid Tommy once again escaped - this time over the high wall. I was standing right there watching, snapping pics, and caught him going right over the wall, and afterwards when he was so proud of his feat. Unfortunately, when I went to load the pics on the computer, I realized that, once again, I shot my potentially award winning photographs when there was NO DISK IN THE CAMERA.

Oh well, here are cute ones anyway. I have had to improve security now that they are so interested in what happens outside the box. Scout is now locked up in the x-pen with them when I am out of pocket. She's been ok with it. Tomorrow they will already be 5 weeks old, and since I know for a fact that they have needle sharp teeth (as evidenced by my newly pierced left ear), I would imagine her mama time with them will be coming to an end.

I have been grinding their food in the food processor - tonight they graduated to eating kibble soaked in warm water with yogurt.


Builder Mama said...

I don't know why, but within the last two days the puppies suddenly look HUGE. Obviously you and Scout have been doing a great job! They look amazing, and adorable.

penni said...

Once they start escaping, it's time for them to find homes -- of course we aren't allowed to do anything about it until they are seven weeks old (minimum), but it sounds good. I can't wait to see those squirmy little bodies in person.

Crazy Cardiness said...

How cute, but boy how time flies! They are beautiful babies.