Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Squirmy Tub o' Pups Goes to the Vet

Hard to believe, but it was already time for The Ocho to get their 6 week shots and a check up at the vet.

We brought the party to the vet's office. So many of the staff helped out with the emergency c-section, and they all were so excited to see how well everyone is doing.
Lauri, Susan and Big Nick weighed in at 4.75, dainty Miss Mary was 4.00, and the rest were in between. They all did great on the table, not so much as a peep when when temps were taken, shots were given and worms were checked (none, btw!)
They loved all of the attention - and the treats.

When we go back in three weeks, we will obviously need a different transport solution.
By the time we left, they had all settled down for a little nap. All in all an excellent adventure for all of us.


Sarah said...

In three weeks, you can have four little crates stacked on your dolly, two pups to a crate. :-)

Builder Mama said...

A tub o' puppies! Glad to hear everything went well, I bet the staff really enjoyed all that wiggly love!

penni said...

They are so very cute. The fat-faced red puppy toward the bottom of the tub in the first photo looks so much like Udi. I want to squeeze his/her cheeks. Can you identify them for us? Maybe clockwise starting with the bottom puppy (very thin collar) looking away from the camera?

Lani said...

So, so cute. They're getting so big and squirmy -- I think that in 3 weeks time you'll not only need a new transport solution, but some transport assistants as well :)

Taryn said...

There's not much cuter than a tub-o-pups! Wish I was closer so I could see them up close/in person. You must being having a blast!