Thursday, March 17, 2011

David the Fun Police

David heads home tomorrow, and we are all going to miss him. David was the first puppy that Spencer would have anything to do with. David charmed him by snuggling up to him and cleaning his ears. David and Spencer love to wrassle with each other now. Of course, he and Sally are inseparable, being the last two together, and I know she will miss her buddy.

I call David the Fun Police - see how he fusses at Scout and Spencer whenever they start frapping. Warning - this is a noisy video!

I took the tape off Sally's ears tonight - hopefully she can do the rest of the work on her own - we'll give her couple of days to see. Also - look back in the puppy pen and see the work that Sally and David have been doing to remove the vinyl from the floor.


Builder Mama said...

Aw, safe travels David - enjoy your new home! I know Sally will miss you.

Nice job on the remodeling, by the way. You and Sally should think about getting into the business!

Lani said...

He IS a noisy little man. So cute though, that he can be forgiven.

Anonymous said...

So-o-o cute! Wishing David a safe trip to his forever home!