Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Puppy Potpourri! - Updated with Abby Video!

News from the Ocho:

First from the over-achievers:
  • Susan reports that Lowri is officially a herding dog.  She says, "I had Kearney out on ducks. After he finished, I got Lowri out and used Kearney to just keep them in her vicinity. She herded ducks. When one split off, she went and got it and brought it back. She followed along behind them and actually herded. I am a happy camper."
  • According to Kathy, Ginger (fka Joanie) is also a working girl.  "She went tracking on Sunday and did a great job, the wind was blowing and she followed the scent but came back to the track.  William’s tracking handler was very impressed."
And from those recently settling into new homes:
  • Betty says, "Just wanted to let you know that Tommy is one smart boy. The first 2 nights I put him in his play-yard in the greatroom. He screamed both nights. I decided that I would go ahead and start crate training. I put him in my room in his crate with his fuzzy blanket and that was it! He sleeps all night. I take him out about 7 a.m. and he takes care of his potty needs. He walked today on a leash all the way to the mailbox. He loves Betsy and wants to chase her all day. This might be why she can now jump on the bed and sofa. They are so cute playing together."
  • Liz reports: "Nick's first day at home - two escapes, and the ingestion of half of a get-well card. On the good side, the underside of our bed is extremely clean from any dust bunnies or cobwebs."
  • Jay and Tiffany sent lots of pics and videos of sweet Abby.  I thought this one was particularly cute - she's getting her big dog ears! 

And back here our house, Sally and David have completely charmed Uncle Grump.  They have him figured out and love to mess with him.  Scout loves playing zoomies with them too.  David has perfect cardi ears now - and Sally has perfect beagle ears.  I think the little princess is set on having her very own duct tape crown.


    penni said...

    Nola highly recommends turquoise duct tape for the crown -- there are also tiger stripe and leopard spot. It's just so much cooler than the old gray stuff.

    Jeri said...

    Sounds like they're all getting along great!

    Becky said...

    Oh! Don't you just love corgi puppies! So smart!

    Builder Mama said...

    Seems like there are a lot of overachievers in this bunch! Glad to hear everyone is doing well. I think I might start crate-training this weekend...the bathroom gate isn't working for the jailbreaker as well. :-)

    I need orange said...


    My first corgi used to lie on her back chewing stuff when she was young...............


    Elizabeth Keene said...

    You think they'd let me borrow Abby? :)

    Liz, will you send me Nick? :)


    Becky said...

    There is nothing like puppy! So-o- Sweet!