Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nick has left the building

Yesterday, Nick got to meet his new boy Joey:

And new dad, also Joey:

Liz and her men swept into town yesterday to escort Nick to his new life in Virginia. I hear that there will be a new blog coming to keep us up to date on his adventures. Meanwhile, Sally and David make do with a substitute red pillow.


penni said...

Liz and men (including Rufus and now Nick) will have a great time with the little red guy -- especially if they need wood split or fencing removed.

Builder Mama said...

He's been really good - the only thing he's really tried to eat is the edge of our kitchen rug and the rubber tips off of the doorstops. Rufus still isn't thrilled about the new interloper but we're running interference between them - keeping them separated and spending time with each, a little time supervised together, etc. I am exhausted though...we got back at 1 AM and then it was probably 3 before I got Nick to sleep. In the bed with me. I KNOW.

Builder Mama said...
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Becky said...

We've had so much fun following the "growing up" of your wonderful puppies! Thank you for sharing!