Friday, March 4, 2011

Is this week over yet??

This has been a week I will be glad to see in my rearview mirror.  I generally try to keep my blog to the happy things that go on in my life, but this has been one of those weeks that make me want to run away and sell t-shirts on the beach. 

Early this afternoon, I pulled up the puppy-cam on my phone, and was a little surprised when the picture was of the wall and the bottom of the table where the webcam normally sits.  This meant that the table had been hit and the camera was knocked off and hanging by its cord.  I txt'd Liz to ask her if she knew how long it been like that - she txt'd back that it had been fine at 11:30.  I didn't worry too much about it and forgot about it until I opened the front door and was rushed not just by Spencer and Scout, but also the Three Amigos.

And then I saw this:

The scene of the crime:

Was it a beaver??

And in the kitchen - which was only accessible to little dogs who could shimmy under the gate. Someone decided to gain access to the used litter I was too lazy to haul to the trash this morning. I think the little puddle of pee on the bag is a nice touch - don't you??

I brought the pups back in and after dinner they collapsed into this incredibly sweet puppy pile - it is out of exhaustion or a desparate attempt to curry favor??

So - the great unanswered question - who grew thumbs and got the pen open? Was it Uncle Grump Spencer who has decided he likes playing with the pups and has a history of springing their mother from her crate when she was about their age??

Or was it a certain pup we know has developed a taste for wood products?? Hmmmm, I guess if it never happens again after a certain someone leaves tomorrow - we'll have our suspicions!

P.S.  I am secretly happy about the coffee table chewing.  I decided this week I wanted a new, smaller and round coffee table - this behemoth just takes up too much room in my tiny little living room, but I couldn't see getting rid of a perfectly good piece of furniture - problem solved!!


Taryn said...

I'm sorry but this made me laugh my ass off! Just as long as nothing dangerous was ingested, I'm still laughing!

As a side not, isn't technology amazing? Just look at your statement: "I pulled up the puppy-cam on my phone", and really think about it.....Then think back to our childhood when B&W photos that took 2 weeks to get developed were all we had!

Lani said...

Your post made me smile. I'm surprised that 3 loose puppies didn't do more damage - bless their little hearts :)

Regent Rabbitry said...
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penni said...

Oh my -- but I would expect nothing less of little baddogs. I have retired many things to the dump, but I won't be replacing them for a while -- like until SOME dogs have SOME manners. It they weren't just so cute, they could all go to the dump.

Anonymous said...

It is a good thing puppies are cute because if they weren't we will "kill" them.

Cornerstone said...

I'm with Taryn...hahaha still laughing...welcome to the world of Cardi puppies! You can't be a Cardi breeder without these uh, oops happening. Consider this your initiation!
Gotta love um!

Cornerstone said...

Sorry but I'm with Taryn...hahaha...still laughing...consider this your initiation to being a Cardigan breeder! It happens to the best of us ...gotta love um!

Builder Mama said...

I could hardly believe your text last night...what a mess those little beasties made! I sure hope it was Spencer that has thumbs and not Nick...if it was him, we are screwed!

Jeri said...

See, they're just trying to make sure that you're really ready for them to leave. :D

Becky said...

Just with 2 corgis I walked in on that scene more than one time. Extending sympathy as soon as I can gain control....LOL

Dawn said...

Yup, I am still looking at the 5 x 7 hole in the middle of my living room carpet from when the girls were babies!

Claire said...

Tardy contribution, but nevertheless...We swear that the only thing that kept Bobby alive for the first 6 months was the fact that he was wicked cute.

One very clear memory-I was working from home one day and watched young Bobby displace all of the water from his water bowl onto the kitchen floor. Then he peed in the kitchen floor puddle. Then I signed us up for obedience training. And so it goes.