Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Catching up with the Ocho - Abby

Here's baby Abby in a puppy pile:

And here's the pic Tiffany posted today on Facebook.  Her husband Jay posted, shortly afterwards, "where are her ears?"  Tiffany replied, "I took this not too long after she got up this morning. These are her sweet ears!!! Isn't she freaking adorable??" 

Tiffany went on to say, "She is doing so good. She is getting big and her ears have pretty much done all the lifting they're gonna do. They're not all the way up, but we LOVE them so I don't think Abby will have a crown lol. She has been such a blessing for Jay and I!! She is the love of our lives!! She has an amazing personality and I'm pretty sure she is the sweetest dog ever!! "

That's what's been the blessing for me of these pups - all these families who each got the best dog in the world! Happy 4 mo birthday to the Ocho!


Builder Mama said...

Nick loves his fluffy sister! She has gotten so big, but what a sweet face!

Dawn said...

She looks like she could be Magics sister. What a lovely girl.

Becky said...

What a sweet picture! Sweet ears! love that! We call them love ears because they flatten with sweet talk! You made us feel the luv!