Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Catching up with the Ocho - Big Nick!

Big Nick came into this world a charmer.  He was always the special boy - the only red boy.  When new folks came to visit the Ocho, inevitably he was the one people gravitated to.  Whether it was his personality or just his incredible soft fuzziness, everyone wanted to pick up Nick.

Nick was my original first choice to keep.  Even when it became evident that he was fluffy, I still thought about keeping him.  But the more I thought about it, I realized that the reason I was so crazy about Nick was because Nick is so much like Spencer, and was it a smart idea to try to live with two over the top personalities in the same (small) house?
And the decision to let Nick go was easy when I found what I knew would be the perfect home for him with Liz and the Joeys.  Nick would have both his very own boy and a brother cardi, Rufus, to show him the ropes.  Here's Liz's report on life with Nick:

You probably know way more about Nick than you want to know! But he is doing just great. He and Rufus have really settled into a routine. They miss each other when one of them is missing! That has been the biggest surprise to all of us. Ruf still tries to steal toys and treats (he has chewed two of the super-chewer puppy KONG toys in half!) but they are really getting along well.

He is a huge love muffin. He loves attention, loves to give kisses, loves cuddling. He is definitely NOT a lap dog though, he is usually chewing on a chew toy or chasing his ball around. And of course, he has NEVER met a stranger. Every one of our friends comments how he is the "anti-Rufus" - he will go up to anyone with no fear, try to win their hearts over. And of course, he is so cute that everyone WANTS to love on him! I probably have mentioned this before, but he has really rubbed off on Rufus - when we take the two of them anywhere, Rufus will actually let strangers pet him! That would NEVER have happened before Nick. We are so proud. Rufus smiles about 99% of the time now, he is so happy to have a little buddy. Every so often, they will give each other kisses. Very sweet!

He still has that shoe fetish. No pair of shoes will be safe in our house. And he's not really destructive, he really likes carrying them around like trophies!

Nick will start at daycare next week, we're going to try one day a week for now since I'm working half-days on Fridays. We haven't had any playdates lately - Dewi had his surgery last week so they've been MIA, Stony the MinPin ate an eraser and had $2K in surgery (ouch) and my sister has been out of town with the hounds. I think he will definitely benefit from the extra exercise and more dog socialization.

You can follow Nick's adventures on his very own blog!


Red Dog Mom said...

His great uncle Bogey and great aunt Georgia think he's pretty cool too. Auntie Moira hasn't met him yet but she can be remarkably tolerant of baby boy dogs so I think she'll like him too.

penni said...

Nicky, you are simply too cute. I'm sad that you live so far from me, but I'll get east sometime to visit you.

Love, G'Ma Penni

Builder Mama said...

Aw, there's my big guy! I would be remiss not to thank you for our wonderful Furry Child. After losing my father last August, I really wondered how my life would ever feel complete again. I think Dad sent Nick to me to help me heal. He is everything I have ever wanted - smart as hell, adorable, and sweet. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope he will make you and Penni proud!

Elizabeth said...

We love Nick! He is such a sweetie. We are so glad we met Liz and now we get to have a fluffy red cardi playmate. The boys are anxiously awaiting their next mystery meeting...we think soon.