Friday, April 15, 2011

Catching up with the Ocho -Tommy

Tommy is living the good life with Betty. I think he must have more toys than any dog in the world. (And I mean real toys, not empty water bottles like Sally has.)

He has been doing well in his obedience class and has started conformation class (not confirmation class, which what Betty's son thought she said. I guess he was wondering what what would be an appropriate first communion gift for a cardigan.)

Betty reports that today, Tommy went to the big show in Perry GA and entered the fun match there. He was the only cardi entered, so that BOB was easy, but then he went on to get a Herding Group 3rd place! He had a great time and got lots of scritches and attention.

Here he is lounging in the hotel afterwards, saying "I'm da man!"

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Builder Mama said...

Hi Tommy!!! What a cutie he is! I'm glad he's having some fun...Nick thinks hotels are pretty awesome too.