Monday, April 11, 2011

Catching up with the Ocho - David

David has settled in with Alex, Allen and cardi brother Tim in Lexington.  Here's what Alex had to say about what the boy is doing now:

Since I do not possess the technical skills to blog or send pictures, I thought I would send an update on the ocho littermate known as David. It has been 3 weeks since he arrived and it seems as if he has been with us for so much longer!

The trip home was uneventful - thank you for tiring him out. He had three hours to stare at his new cardi brother Tim. I think we matched temperments perfectly. Both dogs are cool and aloof as the breed standard states and they happily spend  time  doing both of the above. Housebreaking was a breeze because David mimics Tim so they go out together and perform in tandem!  Play time in the house and in the yard wears them both out and is greatly appreciated by their parents.

When I first put a collar on David, he had a fit. Rolling and trying to peel it off- to no avail. But wait it gets better. I then bought a leash and we tried that. He went into his nest and sulked for about an hour. We go through this process dailey.  I have now purchased string cheese so he can be bribed to walk about with me.

One of our favourite t.v. programs is Ceasar Milans Dog Whisperer. When good dogs go bad and start barking , David sits in front of the set and barks back at them. It is really funny! He is quite the little character. His favourite treat are mini organic carrots - he picked that up from Tim.

Well enough about his personality - I will try to describe the physical development of this pup for all you corgi affficianados. His weight is almost 17 pounds, he is a very good doer and never leaves a kibble. His front end which was quite wide when he was 8 weeks has come together nicely. He no longer looks like he spans the Brooklyn Bridge. Hind quarters have developed as has his athletisim. I liken him to some of our horses when they are young - no clue as to what they are doing, but slowly it all comes together.

This puppy is everything I hoped he would be and more. My husband who was not sure we should add another canine to our family just loves him. I can't thank you enough, Janet. I have never seen anyone take such wonderful care of their dogs and to document the process on puppy cam made me feel as if I were a part of the process of raising these pups. Pictures will come soon - probably via the mail. Also Liz and Nick should really look at doing a book - this stuff is really good. Regards to all the new owners of the ocho and the terrific people I met at the puppy party.


Builder Mama said...

Aw, sweet David! Nick misses David probably most of all, they were definitely partners in crime along with Miss Sally. Thank you for the compliment, Alex - truly it's too much fun having Nick in our lives not to share it!

Cheryl said...

So happy to hear how David is doing. He was a charmer, that' for sure! His sister Lowri misses the ocho pack but is making do with her new "brother" Kearney, and her other pals. So happy to hear David has won over your husband . Yes, Janet is exceptional, I totally agree!