Monday, July 27, 2009

Re-Thinking (or over-thinking?) the Show Meltdown

I am now thinking that Scout was having some neck and/or shoulder spasms on Saturday. A couple of folks at the show and at least one on the blog asked if she seemed to have any pain in her neck - and after she came out of the ring, we could not find any spots that seemed painful to her. Of course, cardis are such stoic little creatures, they really don't want to show when it hurts.

The next morning, a handler who had heard about Saturday but didn't witness it said that she thought Scout was holding her head differently when she saw her walking into the building Sunday morning. Then in the ring Sunday (video here), Scout had to gallop a few times to keep up with Cheryl - especially at the turns. This is unusual for her, and I think she may have still been having issues.

Today I had her chiropractor take a look at the videos (Scout and Cheryl went on to Roanoke VA from Greenville yesterday) and she thinks there may be something going on there. Dr B works with Cheryl too and is going to call her for more info and hopefully give her some ideas on what we can do go give her some relief.


Kaye said...

Its good you are all keeping a watchful eye on her, but if she was frapping that evening, it wouldn't make sense injury wise. My 8yr old Corgi always gets very quiet if he is ailing in any way. Also Groovy lays down like that if anything gets caught in his pants, he is a fluff, so it is a common occurance, (a twig, small change) seriously--to me from watching the vid it looks the same, like she had some irritation back yonder. Hope it ends up being something small.

Dawn said...

It is certainly possible she has some pain or stiffness, but that wasnt what I noticed. It really looked to me like she saw something frightening. On the down and back she is moving very nice until she looks over towaard that corner, when she freezes. Same thing on the go around, she is looking ahead and moving nice, until she glances toward the corner. I really do hope its not physical. PS-Grace spent her entire ring time at one show staring at the ceiling, node to the sky the whole time. Silly girls

Lani said...

I hope the you figure out what's up with your girl.

My 3 go to the chiro. It's done a LOT to help one of my dogs. My oldest jumps better after the chiro, and the third (youngest) doesn't really need it yet, but goes for "maintenance," and hopefully prevention.

Good luck!