Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Calling all Snow Dogs!

Lauri over at The Daily Corgi emailed me that she is looking for pics of cardis in the snow.  Since IT NEVER SNOWS WHERE I AM***, I couldn't help her, but you can make your dogs famous with your fun snow pictures.

*** It used to snow in Chattanooga regularly they tell me - but there has been no measurable snow since I moved here 15 years ago - except of course for the weekend that I was in Winston-Salem in December.  We went to MD the next weekend - it had snowed the week before and then it snowed bigtime the next weekend - BUT NOT WHILE I WAS THERE.  It even snows fairly regularly now in Atlanta, but it never did when I lived there.  I go to Portland, Maine fairly often on business, and everyone know that it always snows in Maine - EXCEPT WHEN I AM THERE. 

So, if any of you are having an event or something and you want to make sure that it does not snow there, JUST INVITE ME.

Pardon the rant.


Dawn said...

Hey Janet, if you can keep the snow away I am guessing the city of Minneapolis would pay you to live here! Come anytime.

Taryn said...

I tried sending snow pictures when she requested them on the blog, but for some reason my email was rejected. I'll have to try again, maybe I sent too many attachments...I've had plenty of snow pics this year!

Janet said...

Dawn - I was actually in Minneapolis several years ago in February. I was sure I would get snowed on there - NOPE! Warmest Feb on record they said.

Ebonwald Cardigans said...

OK my birthday weekend. Dec 5th. It ALWAYS blizzards on my bday weekend because I have people traveling from 3 states to get to my place. I own a snow removal business AND I end up working while all of my friends, who drove to see me, are partying it up! Its happened the last 3 years. Its sickening!

So this is your official invite for 2010!

Janet said...

Road trip anyone???

Unknown said...

I guess you'll get your wish today!