Friday, January 15, 2010

How about a smile tonight?

After a week of such bleak news, I headed to You Tube for some grins tonight.  I still love to watch the video of the couple who did their wedding entrance to "Forever"  - I am such a softie, I even get a little teary watching it.  Think about how much they must have loved their friends to make such fools of themselves!

I also get a kick out of this version from "The Office."  Hope it makes else someone grin too!


Garrett808 said...

I was just at the church that did the original youtube video! It brought back such great memories :)

The Office version is also hysterical! I did LMAO :) Thanks for the friday night chuckle!

Taryn said...

Thanks for posting those! It got my Saturday off to a fun start!

I can't imagine being able to be so free and loose at a wedding! Those must be some really fun people!

RegentCardis said...

I saw both of the videos. They are both awesome and love both of them. :)