Saturday, January 30, 2010

Old Dogs

I have had a nearly useless snow day.  I had all kinds of things I could have done today, but mostly I have piddled around, did a little this, a little that, let Scout out, let Scout in, dry Scout off, let Scout back out.

I will count one accomplishment today.  After checking for the jillionth time, I saw an ad for a magazine I used to subscribe to, The Week.  I wandered over to their website, and there on the homepage was a link to an article I had thought of often lately as friends and family have lost their old dogs.  I also thought of it about a week ago when I discovered a patch of white mixed in with Spencer's brindle.

It was good to read it again, and it touched me just like it did the first time.  Here's the link.


Red Dog Mom said...

Great article. With 2 senior citizens in the house, I can certainly appreciate all that the author said.

Claire said...

I loved this article when it appeared in the Sunday Washington Post Magazine. I still have that issue.

Lybertygirl said...

What a great story - obviously written by someone who unerstands how great dogs are and how hard it is when they leave us.