Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Waiting for snow

There is not a loaf of bread left in Chattanooga.  Forecast is for less than an inch of "snow showers" and all are a-twitter. 

Snow supposed to be here by noon so most schools have already announced decisions to close. 

Scout will miss the event - which is a shame because she loves the snow.  She is on her way to FL for a few shows to tune up for the Garden.  I was surprised to see that Westminster filled this year.  Last year it was several hundred short of closing, and I figured that it would be worse this year.  There are fewer cardigans entered this year - 16 (10-6) this year v. 25 last year.

I think we've got a fun group of cardi bloggers headed to NY - so be sure to watch for lots of liveblogging and ringside twittering in 39 days!


Taryn said...

Don't you love the grocery store panic when snow is predicted!!! As if anyone would get snowed in long enough to run out of food and TP. Maybe in the far north, but certainly not in the south.

We have the same forecast, and I am sure the schools will close!

jokjak said...

Hi u can come to c me at

Kathy said...

that will be loads of fun, can't wait to hear from you.