Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Puppy Personalities - College Edition

I am so happy that the puppies have left me gradually - I would have killed me to send them all away at once.  Now I am down to four - Tommy will leave this weekend, Big Nick the next weekend, and then I will have David another week and a half. 

I rush home from work every day so that we can all go out in the yard - they are at a very entertaining stage right now.  Scout loves to play with them  - sometimes she gets the zoomies and zips figure eights all around the place and puppies have a ball chasing her.  Spencer is even warming up to them now that they are little dogs.  He hasn't actually played with them, but he lets them snuggle up to him as long as they use their good manners.

Their personalities are coming out now.  Today I thought that I could see who they would be if they were college students (bear with me here - it's just how it struck me):

David is that really cute, kind of quiet, serious engineering student.  Always thinking.  Can cut loose and have fun, but can also be counted on to be the designated driver.

Tommy is that freckle-faced freshman who looks (and acts) like a kid.  Loud-mouth, but funny as heck.  Always in the middle of everything.  Loves it when the other guys roll him and chew on his head.

Sally is the pretty but still a little gawky tomboy, who is not burdened by anything serious.  The good girl - who will run and play outside for an hour after dinner, then comes back in and goes straight to the litter box, because it would just be too gross to actually potty outside.  (OK - college girls don't do that - or at least they didn't back in my day.)

And then, there's Nick.  Big Nick.  Nick is the Ole Miss Sigma Chi frat boy. (hoddy toddy gawdawmighty who the hell are we?)  Wearing a pink button down oxford shirt that has been washed a million times and is stretched a bit tight around his cute little start at a beer belly, a pint of Jack Daniels in the hip pocket of his khaki pants, a devastating smile - the life of the party, doing keg stands until he passes out flat on his back.


Red Dog Mom said...

Hysterical! For years I have described Great Grandpa Sam as an aging frat boy. Ann says he's either Sigma Chi or a Phi Delt. Nice to hear Big Nick is a pledge too. Builder MaMa will have her hands full!

Builder Mama said...

Oh crap. See, you're scaring me now...RDM and Ann had said the same thing about Sam and Bogey when I saw them a few weeks ago. I think we're in for the ride of a lifetime!

Red Dog Mom said...

Your saving grace will be the Power of the Fluff - assuming Nick is a fluff. Fluffernutters are invariably sweet, sweet dogs.

penni said...

Give him a job and Nick will be a happy dog and easy to live with. If you let him invent his own chores, you will pay . . .

Anonymous said...

I wonder if all dogs have personalities that are so different and so Corgi! I love your descriptions.