Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Long, Busy Weekend

We have been running back and forth to Calhoun, GA since Thursday so Spencer and Scout could do their dwarf-basenji imitations and run in the AKC's first lure coursing trial open to non-sighthounds.  The puppies made the trip each day and were perfect little travelers and charmed everyone they met.

The brindles love their soft red pillow.

Spencer and Scout had a ball and did their breed proud. Everyone loved watching the short dogs run. They are the first cardis to earn the Coursing Ability (CA) title and Scout is the first Grand Champion to earn it as well.

It was also a big weekend for Tommy - he went home to his new home with Betty. Tommy is now Mockingbird It's the Magic in Me, and he is keeping the call name Tommy as well.

Now that I am down to three, I put up the big puppy pan and brought the small one back out again. The last time it was used, they looked like this.

So, for one more week, it is the Tres Amigos. Liz - you better hurry - notice Nick has an ear at half-mast!
David's ears have been up for a good bit - but Miss Sally is not even thinking about lifting hers yet - c'mon girlfriend - get with the program!


Taryn said...

Congrats on the Lure Coursing! I saw that on the AKC site about the new title open to all breeds. I looked around but couldn't seem to find it being offered near me. Could be I didn't know how to look it up with their event locator....Is it three legs for the title like most events?

Janet said...

Yes - three legs. Go here: and click on Coursing Ability test on the left side of the page.

penni said...

Great job, Spencer and Scout! The babies look so good. Have a wonderful life, Tommy! Yep. Liz. He will be all grown up if you don't get down there soon.

Taryn said...

Thanks for the info. Nothing close to home yet for me.I'll have to keep looking as it hopefully gets more popular.

How cool that you have the first Cardis to get the title! ShowCardi_l needs a brag!

RegentCardis said...

Congratulations on the new titles. That is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Very exciting!

Builder Mama said...

Congratulations to Scout and Spencer!!! I bet they had a blast too.

Nick looks like a very comfy pillow. I showed Monkey the ear at half-mast and he said, "Well Mommy, he can't stay a baby forever can he?"