Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Puppy fka Mary - is now Alli

Here's a couple of pics of Alli with her new girl - can't wait to see these two redheads in the Juniors ring together!

Remember how I blamed our excessive winter weather on The Ocho? Well, guess who is now getting blamed for the 14 inches expected in MN today?

Thanks Diana for the pictures!!


Unknown said...

I'm just sayin'....Cochran flies up here from AZ = 20+ inches of snow; we finally get warm 40 degree days, then little miss from TN flies up here & we have winter storms with ice pellets...coincidence?? :)
Madison was thrilled that she had arrived & kept saying how cute & sweet she is - I think it's a Cardigan/girl connection 2nd only to when Handsome met Mackenzie...

Builder Mama said...

Alli is such a sweet girl - good luck in your new home, pretty princess!