Sunday, February 6, 2011

Suber Bowl!

We had our own version of the Puppy Bowl - an Open House where the pups could get to meet lots of new folks.  Here are some pics from the day:

They got lots of love and snuggles and all handled it beautifully.  Scout is enjoying being with her puppies again.  Yesterday we had a photoshoot and Scout had so much fun playing with her pups.  She teased them with a stick to get them to chase her - it was such a hoot.  The photographer had a great time too - here is what she posted on her blog.  That's Abby and Laurie snuggling with her.


Elizabeth Keene said...

Your red babies remind me SO much of my Jon Farleigh at that age and I remember his open house like it was yesterday. What I'd give for just one more day with him that size!

Builder Mama said...

So cute, I love the photographer's picture on her blog! I bet the kids at your house had a wonderful time with those little sweeties.

penni said...

I cannot think of anything that makes puppies happier than to have miniature humans visit -- it must have been a blast!