Saturday, February 19, 2011

Seis, Cinco, Quattro

The countdown continued today.  My old friend Kathy Metcalfe came down from Louisville and picked up the newest member of her pack, the puppy formerly known as Joanie Baloney.  She will now formally be known as Mockingbird Wyncrest's I Believe in Magic.  Kathy is still thinking about a call name.
Whatever her name is, she is sure to have a bunch of titles on both ends of her name.  Kathy and her pack do it all - in fact, Kathy is getting ready to go to the Eukanuba National Agility Championship Invitational in March with her Flirt.

See that crate in Kathy's picture?  Well, as I type, little Mary is in that crate on her way to Minnesota where she is going to have her very own junior handler.  Mary will be co-owned by the 3Ms:  Marla, Mackenzie and Madison.  I hear that Madison is also interested in agility and obedience too.  Mary's flight has landed in Chicago and I will not rest until I know that she has been picked up by Diana and Mac. 

The pups spent the day playing in the yard.  I have puppy proofed the fence and feel comfortable giving them free run of the front yard (as long as I am out there with them!)  They are good and tired (and of course, tired means good) and snoozing away.  I wonder it they notice that their numbers are dwindling.


penni said...

GREAT news! Kathy will have a wonderful time with Joanie a/k/a ??? It's good that Mary will be starting her new life.

Anonymous said...

They are adorable puppies. We have loved watching them grow. Hope we get to follow their progress in their forever homes!