Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mean Hooman

Those of you who tune into the puppy cam may notice a couple of changes.  Tonight I had to liberate the poor sock monkey bed.  He has a large hole in his head, and his brains were being tossed about the pen. 

Then I looked over and saw that Intrepid Tommy strikes again:

Then Nick decides it's time to play King of the Mountain:

So the little playhouses came out of the pen, too. 

What will they think of next??


penni said...

Any chandeliers within reach?

Builder Mama said...

Oh yes, I've been watching them bobsled those little crates all over the pen during the day. Or all four try to pile in there. Or climb on top.

Poor sock monkey. I bought Ruf a new toy last night and he promptly gutted it within the first 5 minutes. I look forward to many piles of white fluff all over the family room floor!

Anonymous said...

They are adorable. Isn't it the special thing about corgi puppies??! They are a little bit naughty!

StubbyDog said...

Have you seen the pictures that Sarah posted when her puppies were little? I'm not impressed, Scouchas. ;)

Janet said...

Don't egg them on, Jeri. I think my jail is stronger than hers.. Oops - hope I didn't just jinx myself.