Monday, February 14, 2011

Ocho, Siete, Seis . . . . . .

The babies are beginning to make their way out into the world.  There were only 6 little heads in the pan for tonight's midnight snack.

On Saturday, Laurie became Lowri (Welsh for laurel), officially Mockingbird Elyan Magic Moment.  Lowri will be co-owned by Susan, Gramma Penni and Cheryl, and live and train in East Tennessee with Susan. She has already had a look at the ducks and has a new best buddy in fellow cardi, Kearney.

Tonight, Abby headed home to Birmingham, AL with Tiffany and Jay. She will be registered as Mockingbird Black Magic Woman, but Tiffany and Jay are going to take a little time to find the perfect call name.

Big Nick is sticking around a little bit longer, but will soon be headed to Virginia with Liz, aka Builder Mama.  Liz came down for the Puppy Party this weekend and fell in love.  Be sure to add her to your blogroll so you can keep up with with Nick and her other cardi, Rufus.  Nick will be registered as Mockingbird Could This Be Magic.

David will be "living like a king" according to his new owner, Alex. They will split their time between Kentucky and Florida, where Alex stays busy with racehorses. David will be Mockingbird Magical Mystery Tour.

Mary will be going to Scout's breeder Marla soon. 

Joanie and Tommy aren't quite ready to make their announcements yet - stay tuned!


Taryn said...

Who's staying with you?

Janet said...

See my post from a couple of days ago - Sally (fka Susan)is my baby!

Builder Mama said...

Aw, sweet Abby - I know Nick misses his partner in crime!

penni said...

Every single person who will be living with one of The Ocho is plainly and simply LUCKY. What a beautiful group of puppies. Gramma Janet knows how to grow 'em! The beautiful Scout knows how to make 'em -- and Chase definitely enjoyed Father's Day.

Builder Mama said...

I think they're a great blend of Scout and Chase. Both of them are individually sweet and funny and smart, and they definitely passed that down to their kids!