Friday, April 30, 2010

Back to our regular programming: Bitch Classes

Bitch Classes

6-9 month: 1 Coedwigs Cool Charm, 2 Dance with me of Yasashiikuma, 3
Xtacee the Fifth Element, 4 Annwyn Play with Fire

9-12: 1 Roragyns Silver Bells, 2 Sunkissed Pecan Valley Friday I'm in
Love, 3 Idyll Safari, 4 Bluefox's Keepsafe

12-18: 1 Kaos Rubad Wild Draw Four, 2 Rocky Ridges Star of Wonder, 3
Davenitch Someone to Watch Ovr Me, 4 Stones Throw Farm's Rite Blackberry

BBE: 1 Cornerstone Revelation at Raglan, 2 Cymbrogis Carolina
Dreaming, 3 Kimberwickes Crimson Tide, 4 Vestavia Spindrift

Am Bred: 1 Ula Mauna Ka'u Ol Kaikamahine, 2 Woodrose Covert Ops, 3
Pecan Valley And By Faith, 4. Cliffside Castle on a Cloud

Open:  1 Yasashiikuma Smoky Mountn Maid, 2 Pecan Valley Blue Bombshell, 3 Riverside Telltail Coco Posh, 4 Twinroc Telltail Hat Trick
Winners Bitch:  Open
Reserve: Open 2nd place

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Sarah said...

Did I miss who got WB? OR maybe it's still going on?

Sarah said...

never mind, I see it now. oops!!!

penni said...

To be WB at Nationals two years in a row is really an amazing feat! Thanks for the results, Janet.