Thursday, April 29, 2010

Class Dogs Results

I hope I got this right:

6-9 mo: 1 Xtacee I Am Legend, 2 Heart of Gold Derringer, 3 Harmony
McWallace I'm a Little Rock n Roll, 4 Yasashiikuma Friend of Mine

9-12 mo: 1 Rhydowen Ranger at Bridgelady, 2 Cornerstones No Intro
Needed, 3 Bluefox's Ka Boom, 4. Twinroc Buckaroo Too Hot To Handle

12 - 18 mo: 1 Octane Noteworthy Rock the Boat, 2 Rocky Ridges
Christmas Story, 3 Cornerstones Wonderful Thing, 4 Grangefield Yippee
Kai Yea

BBE: 1. Telltail Baewyn Jim Dandy, 2 Raconteur New Wave, 3 Legacy
Legends War Admiral, 4 Xtacee La Amistad

Am Bred: 1. Kollages Hot Rod Lincoln, 2 Dwysans Hot Wheels, 3
Myrddins Obsidian Knight, 4 Dragonpatch Wish You Had Me

Open: 1 XIV Karat Cherrys Jubilee, 2 Notzmo Right on Target, 3
Sandsea Only in a Fairytale, 4 Merrymoon Quincys Quiry

Reserve; 6-9

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Janet!

Crazy Cardiness said...

You rock Janet!!! I've so been wanting results!!! Yeah:-)))

penni said...

I've felt as if I were in a vast wasteland -- thank you so much. Do you have Megan results as well?

Kim said...

OMG I love you! Thank you so much!

Elizabeth said...

What have I stumbled onto? I googled my dog's name and found this wonderful place!

XIV Karat Cherry's Jubilee
1st open dog at the specialty this year.

BTW, he finished a month or so later in Albuquerque.