Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spence sez, "Sorry lady. Not today. I don't work under these conditions."

Well - no chance for a Graduate Novice new title ribbon for Spence at the Specialty. We went to an outside trial today (strike one), on the hottest day so far this year (strike two), ring time at high noon (strike three, and we're out.)

After pulling him around the ring on the on leash heeling pattern, he sat nicely while I walked a figure 8 pattern by myself around the ring stewards. The next exercise was the drop on recall. When I called him to me, he started walking very slowly towards me (think dead man walking.) When he finally got about half way to me, the judge gave me the signal to down him. Instead, he hiked his leg and did the boy thing on the stanchion.

At that point, frankly I was glad he did. In Agility, when your dog is having a day like this, you can just wave at the judge and say "thanks" and call it a day. Can't do that in obedience - you are stuck in the ring until the bitter end - either you finish all the exercises or the judge excuses you.

Oh well - it was a great day to be outside - and on the way home we stopped to visit a lovely sustainable planned community called Serenbe.  My real purpose was to see a version of my dream house which was built there on spec.  We had a nice lunch at the community bakery and then finally found it and found it open for inspection!  Headed out shortly to buy a lottery ticket!


Dawn said...

OH my! Are Spencer and Magic realted? That sounded like Magic style heeling. Hopefully the next time will be much better.

penni said...

Oh -- thanks for reminding me.
I've got to run out and get a lottery ticket.

Taryn said...

I could just picture Spencer so well. Wilson is exactly like that when he isn't in the mood. And a hot day will definitely do it!

Kim said...

I think that was a literal, "pee on this Mom..."

Lani said...

Cheeky, Cheeky Boy!! Given the hot, outdoor conditions, I think Maggie & Ziggy would have done the same thing!

But think how dull life would be if they were perfect all the time... that's what I tell myself, anyway ;)