Thursday, April 29, 2010

Megan Results

Megan Results

Red dogs: W: Woodrose All Things Considered

Brindle Dogs: W: Twinroc Santa Paws, R-up: Raconteur Perchance to

Black Dogs: W: Regent Midnight Rush, R-up: Visions I Have a Dream

Blue Dogs: W: Xtacee Dancing in the Moonlight, R-up: Turn Keys Bug Z

Red Bitches: W: Riverside Telltail Golddigger, R-up: Cardiridge Jean
Loiuse Finch

Brindle Bitches: W: Claymore's Madame Butterfly, R-up: Grangefield
Aberdovey Vanity

Black bitches: W: Xtacee Lifes a Dance, R-up: Bridgelady's Little

Blue Bitches: W: Xtacee Moonlight Serenade, R-up: Richelu-Vestavia
Mystic Blu Pearle

Megan: brindle dog
Cadno: brindle bitch
BOS: red bitch

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penni said...

Thanks so very much Janet -- sent from the vast southwest desert wasteland.

Baledwr said...

Am I crazy or did runner up and BOS go to different girls?

Janet said...

Well, no judgment on your level of craziness, but that's how they handed out the ribbons. A lot of us watching it were scratching our heads too.

Crazy Cardiness said...

Thanks so much again Janet! Couldn't live without the updates!