Thursday, April 29, 2010

Veteran Dogs

Veteran Dogs

7-9 years: 1 Rhys Sunday with George, 2 Grangefield Montgomery, 3
Corwynt Tayken Leo, 4 Peach's Sir John Coldstream

9-11 years: 1 Kingsburys I'm Harry P, 2. Ricochet's Mark of Zorro, 3
Kollages Bad Bad Boy, 4 Hedgerow Black Onyx

11+: 1. Phi Vestavia Neon Black, 2 Shadowalk Phi Vestavia Ikon, 3
Yardican Roland, 4 DobCarrs Bon Vivant

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Crazy Cardiness said...

Thank you again!!!!

Sarah said...

Thanks Janet, it feels like the specialty is on a different planet! Really, really appreciate you posting the results. :-) I think you deserve new guttering on your house for all your trouble. (g)