Saturday, April 17, 2010

Deja vu all over again

I finally got around to getting the first pedicure of spring today, and afterwards I stopped by Sonic for big diet coke with lime. I looked up and this is what I saw:
Look familar? Check out this post from December 2008. It is the same car!

There's not quite as much junk in it. Maybe she has been going through same cleaning out I have been - on two fronts in my case. I am trying to get my mom's house ready to go on the market, and over the last couple of months we have been packing up and throwing away. My mom was never one to a cluttered house, but I had no idea how much she had hidden away in closets and chests.

On the other hand, I knew that I had a ton of unnecessary junk in my house. I have more house than I need, and I have accumulated way too much stuff. I always feel a little uncomfortable when I catch an episode of one of those hoarder shows - does anyone else immediately get the urge to get up and clean something when those come on?

I decided that I too needed a cleaning out, so I put a POD in the driveway, and I have been moving Mom's and my junk into the pod, and in a few weeks I plan to have the mother of yard sales right out of the pod.

Yesterday, I finally got everything out of mom's house, except for the furniture we are leaving to show the house. What a relief! I can't wait to finish my clean out too, which I will celebrate by turning the basement into living space instead of clutter space.


penni said...

Do you think you could bring your clean-out show to Albuquerque. I have stuff and more stuff, but I can't seem to gather up the umph to start.

Lani said...

What surprises me is how fast stuff accumulates. It seems that I'm cleaning out our basement every few months or so. Maybe I need to keep a better eye on what's coming into the house...

mistyeyed said...

I cleaned out my crawl space a few weeks ago. I feel like the more that I clean it out, the more stuff gets in there. It's like Gremlins. Junk must multiply.