Monday, April 26, 2010

Seen at the Specialty

I like this one!

Spence finished his RAE3 today and had an interesting graduate novice
run. He would have had a nice qualifying score except for typical
Spencer antics.

On the "drop on recall" exercise, he is supposed to come to me on
command, and drop to a down when the judge gives me the signal. When
I gave him the command to "down", he decided to add a little flare to
it by doing this full twisting flop onto his back and rolling back to
his feet and finishing the recall with a perfect front.

By this time the crowd is hooting and I was afraid the judge was going
to pee in her pants.

I was kind of bummed because he did the rest of the exercises really
well, but someone summed it up well outside the ring. If he had done
it right, no one would ever remember it, but the stop flop and roll
will live on in infamy.


penni said...

Video -- we want video!

Elbeepem said...

Congrats on the RAE-3! Ditto Penni on the video!


StubbyDog said...

Ah, Spencer. Wish I'd been here in time to see it! LOL

Dawn said...

Oh My, well that is certainly creative! What a funny boy.

Dawn Small said...

It was definitely memorable, and would be a hit with the kids for Fire Prevention week.

Red Dog Mom said...

And the license plate belongs to Scout and Moira's half-sister, Drew!