Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What works with Spencer, maybe?

What a difference a day makes! After taking Scout and Lego to the vet
for a date, I got back just as the graduate novice class was about to

I had Spencer's dumbbell in the car, but I had left his collar and
leash in the room, so I borrowed a collar and leash from Lani, grabbed
Spence out of the car and walked straight into the ring.

Lo and behold, I had brought in golden retreiver Spencer today. He was
spot on - his only bugaboo was that he anticipated the recall over the
jump. The judge commented in the ring that overall he worked better
than the first place dog but she had to hit me for that.

That was just fine with me - I liked the second place prize better
anyway! And I'm wondering if we have found the secret to Spencer's


penni said...

Good job! And maybe having no time to worry about going into the ring is better for Spence (and for you).

Dawn said...

Yeah Spencer what a good boy!

Lani said...

It was a pretty run today! Spencer was heads-up, happy, and ready to work. A great team!

Maybe running into the ring (literally) is the way to go!