Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Commercial Interruption

Here's something I used in the whelping box that worked really well - a seed-starting mat. It heats to 95 degrees (lower than a heating pad) and stays at that temp.  During the first week and a half, the pups stayed on the side of the box where this mat was under the pad.  A few days ago, I noticed they were moving to the other side of the box, so I turned it off.  After I turned it off, they spread out over the whole box, so it must have been too warm for them.

I learned about this at a puppy seminar I went to.  I found it on Amazon, and in my usual "more is more" mentality, I bought the largest size, big enough for 4 seed flats.  (If you look at pictures I have posted previously, you see the excess mat flap above the pig rail.)  I think the 20 x 20 size is perfect.  I also bought the thermostat, but as it turned out, I just kept it at the 95 degree temp, so really all it provided me was reassurance that it was warm when I could look down at the thermostat on the floor and see the digital readout. 

Also, if you don't have a supply of bed pads (the ones that are used in hospitals and nursing homes) - GET SOME!  They are great for so many uses, but especially for dog bedding.  They are often sold in bundles at dog shows.


Sherilyn said...

Great idea!! Thanks for the tip! :)

penni said...

I will get one for the next litter -- when I pull my house back together and am emotionally able to THINK about another litter. The bed pads are also available from a developmentally disabled group -- mail order. Barb Peterson gave me that contact.