Friday, December 31, 2010

Tommy, the Intrepid

Tommy started out at the smallest of the Ocho, but not by much. Now he is one of the biggest pups.

He is "Mr First" - first to double his weight, first to triple his weight, first to open his eyes, and as of this morning, the first to escape the whelping box at 18 days old. 

The whelping box has all of a sudden become very small.  Today's projects include moving to the bigger box, and coming up with a way for Scout to get in and out of the box with the little door closed. 


Crazy Cardiness said...

Very cute boy! He looks like a rascal:-)) If nothing else puppies challenge our thinking of ways to keep them contained... I used a large rubbermaid container on the outside with a bath mat on it to allow my girls easy in and out and trapped puppies.

penni said...

I bought a few patio pavers to stack outside the box to allow Leidy to get in once the Fearsome Foursome were thinking outside the box. When there are no puppies, they will be put in the yard.

Builder Mama said...

Tommy has a handsome face. I believe he could be a future ringleader of the Ocho, leading many jailbreaks!

Anonymous said...

So-o-o cute! Happy New Year to you and yours!